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By car

The best way of getting to Kulikovo Field is by car. If you are travelling from Moscow, Tula, Kaluga, Ryazan or Lipetsk you will have time to visit two museums and see the main sites of Kulikovo Field in a day. However, we recommend that you plan to stay for at least two, or preferably three days. The Museum-Reserve extends over a large area, and all of it is worth seeing.

Using your satnav!

Our website shows all of Kulikovo Field’s main GPS co-ordinates. We would advise you to use your GPS where possible.

Approximate distances and travel times from the nearest major cities:

Moscow 280 km 4.5 hours
Tula 130 km 2 hours
Lipetsk  150 km 2.5 hours
Voronezh 290 km  4.5 hours
Kaluga  220 km  3.5 hours
Ryazan  170 km  3 hours
Eagle  280 km  4.5 hours

You can check the location of all museums and attractions in the museum-reserve on the interactive map. We recommend that you read the advice for car tourists before departure.


Tour groups with Russian speaking guide, from Tula

The Museum-Reserve’s tourism department organises tours from Tula several times during the season, often coinciding with festivals and public holidays. Tours are conducted in Russian, but during your visit you will see much of interest and the Museum provides an audioguide in English (and German).

You can find out more about these tours by emailing our tourism department at:

Since there is no direct public transport link between Tula and Kulikovo Field, and what timetables that do exist are unreliable, we do not recommend that you try to use public transport to get to the Museum-Reserve unless you speak Russian.