Exhibition: “The Great Bolgar. A Civilisation on the Volga”

Bolgar is a unique historical settlement that has existed for more than one thousand years.

Its particularly advantageous position allowed it to maintain its status as a major trading centre. Throughout this period the town was of key historical and cultural significance, as it lay at the crossroads of two internationally important overland and river trade routes: the Silk Road and the Great Volga River Route.

Bolgar was not only the economic and political centre of Volga Bulgaria but also its centre of culture, where scholars made new discoveries, writers and poets created works of literature and architects constructed distinctive buildings.

As a precious historical landmark, Bolgar has no equals. It bears witness to vanished nations (Volga Bulgaria, the Golden Horde) and bygone culture.

The exhibition includes archaeological artefacts that provide a vivid illustration of town life, trading links and the history of this fortress-town, together with paintings showing various depictions of the town. There are 692 exhibits in all.

When: 24 July 2020 to 31 March 2022

Where: Kulikovo Battlefield Museum

Admission: 150 roubles

This exhibition can be visited during museum opening hours, and there are guided tours every day at 14.00 and 15.30.